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1.若要某人聽電話,可用下列表達法: ①Hello, May I speak to Mr Smith, please? ②Hello, Can I speak to Mr Smith, please? ③May I have a word with Mr Smith? ④I'd like to speak to Mr Smith. ⑤Is Mr Smith in? ⑤Is Mr Smith there? ⑦Hello. Coul


①Hello, May I speak to Mr Smith, please? ②Hello, Can I speak to Mr Smith, please? ③May I have a word with Mr Smith? ④I'd like to speak to Mr Smith. ⑤Is Mr Smith in? ⑤Is Mr Smith there?

⑦Hello. Could I speak to Mr Smith,2.在電話中詢問對方是誰時常用下列用語:①Who is calling, please? ②Who is that speaking?

③May I have your number, please?④Who is speaking? ⑤Who's that?

⑥Who's speaking, please? ⑦May I have your name?

⑧Who am I speaking to?您是哪一位?3.若詢問對方是不是某人時常用: ①Is that Mr Li speaking? ②Is that Mr Li?

③Is that you, Mr Li?您是李先生嗎? 4.在電話中作自我介紹時常用下列句式:

please?喂!請找史密斯先生接電話好嗎? ①This is Tom speaking. ②Tom speaking. ③My name's Tom. ④It's Tom ⑤Tom here.

⑥This is Tom.我是湯姆。

若對方已提到名字時,只說: Yes, speaking 5. 若請對方別掛斷電話時,常用下面用語: ①Hold the line, please. ②Don't hang up, please. ③Just wait a minute, please. ④Just a moment, please. ⑤Hold on, please.請別掛電話。 6. 若電話占線或有毛病時,常用下列用語: ①The line is busy. ②Line busy!

③Line engaged!電話占線! ④The line is dead.線路斷了。

⑤The line is out of order.線路出了問題。 ⑥Something wrong with the line.

⑦Something wrong with the telephone.電話機有毛病。 7.若撥錯了號碼時,常用下列用語:

①I'm sorry. There's no Mike here. This is 6203144. 對不起,這里沒有邁克。這兒電話號碼是6103144。 ②Sorry. Wrong number.對不起,號碼錯了。 ③I'm afraid you have the wrong number.

④I'm afraid you dial the wrong number.恐怕您撥錯號碼了。 8.若要找的人不在時,常用下列句子表達: ①May I take a message for him? ②Can I take a message for him? ③Would you like to leave a message?

④Can I leave a message, please?請給他留句話好嗎? ⑤I'm afraid she is out.她出去了。

9.若要找的人就在附近,也聽見了電話鈴聲,你可以說: ①It's for you.找你。

②It's a call for you.你的電話。

③There's a call for you, Sir.先生,您的電話。 10.詢問電話號碼時常用:

What's your number?您的電話號碼是多少? 11.打電話結束時常用下列用語: ①Good-bye. ②Thanks. ③No, thanks.

④Okay, thank you very much.

⑤You're welcome. Good -bye and good luck. 12.若問對方要找誰通話時常用: ①Who do you want to speak to? ②Who're you calling?



一群人 a crowd/group/multitude/throng/army/team/class of people;a

gang/swarm/horde/pack/band of people(in a derogatory way)

troop 通常指聚在一起活動的、生氣勃勃的一群人。如: a troop of demonstrators/shoppers/visitors

bevy 特指女性的“一群”,有時指鳥類,尤指鵪鶉或云雀。如: a bevy of actresses/young women/ladies/shop girls/quails

表貶義的“一群”有:a mob of angry people/rioters/slaves/liars/blackguards

horde 原意為游牧部落,通常含有輕蔑色彩:

a horde of lazy-bones/swindlers/locusts/hooligans band;gang 常指“幫”:

a band of robbers/gangsters/thieves/outlaws a gang of criminals/slaves/prisoners

一群牛、象、馬、天鵝 a herd of cattle/elephants/horses/swans 一群鳥 a flock of birds/geese/hens/goats/swallows/sheep/chickens 一群獵狗 a pack of hounds/wolves/grouse 一群狐貍 a skulk of foxes 一群獅子 a pride of lions 一群星星 a cluster of stars

一群魚 a school/shoal of fish/shrimps 一群馬 a stud/drove of horses 一群鵝 a gaggle/flock of geese

一群蚊子/蝴蝶 a swarm of mosquitoes/butterflies 一群(窩)螞蟻 a colony of ants/bees 一群建筑物 a clump/complex of buildings


一片草皮 a chunk of turf 一絲睡意 a wink of sleep 一絲懷疑 a shadow of doubt 一點點工作 a stroke of work 一線未來之光 a glimpse of future

一縷月光 a streak of moonlight/amber(fig) 一絲綠意;一片綠色 a tint of green 一片心意 a small token of our hearts

一絲嫉妒;一陣窘迫 a slight twinge of jealousy/embarrassment 一絲惻隱之心 a sign of sympathy for... 一絲懊悔 a slight twinge of remorse

一層霜/雪/糖霜 a layer of frost/snow/cream 一絲失望的眼神 a flicker of disappointment (剩下)一口氣/一絲氣 a spark/breath of life 一絲失望的情緒 a taint/faint of disappointment 一片漆黑 completely dark;dismal night;pitch dark 一片汪洋 a flood of water

3、英譯“一陣”,頗有學問,且看以下譯例 (突然爆發出的)一陣哭泣/喝彩/炮擊/雷聲

a burst of tears/cheers/gunfire/thunder (量如洪水的)一陣淚雨/瓢潑大雨/夸夸其談 a flood of tears/rain/boasts


一陣(小)雨/射擊 a spatter of rain/bullets

一陣稀疏的掌聲/喝彩 a spatter of applause/cheers


一陣隆隆的炮聲/雷聲 a peal of artillery/thunder 突然而猛烈的

一陣暴雨/狂風/烈火 a gust/blast of rain/wind/flame 持續短暫的

一陣怒氣/激情/咳嗽 a fit of anger/passion/coughing

一陣嘔吐 a vomiting fit


一陣厄運/暑熱 a spell of bad luck/summer heat 一陣寒潮 a cold spell of weather 一陣昏厥 a fainting spell

(針捻刀刺般的)一陣內疚/牙痛/風濕痛 a twinge of remorse/toothache/rheumatism

一陣尷尬 a twinge of embarrassment

(抽搐或顫抖的)一陣痛苦/傷心/咳嗽/激動 a spasm of pain/grief/coughing

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